Engineering case

Succulent LED light supplement case


[project installation time] -- july-august 2017
Project installation type of lamps and lanterns -- 500 sets of lamps and lanterns in total, with a usable area of 10,000 ㎡
These include:
1, three way dimming control UFO
2. 100w full spectrum high ceiling lamp
3. 150w high ceiling lamp for seedling cultivation
[engineering role]
In seedling production, the seedling light is strictly required. When the light is insufficient, the accumulation of insufficient substances in the seedlings decreases due to photosynthesis, resulting in weak plant growth and low root activity. In the case of continuous days of lack of light, it will even lead to the occurrence of a large area of diseases, which will cause a devastating blow to seedling production. In winter, sunshine shortened, resulting in longer seedling production cycle and weak seedlings. Supplementary light can increase the photosynthetic time of seedlings, strengthen the accumulation of materials, make the roots of seedlings more developed, plants more robust, reduce the occurrence of diseases, and shorten the growth cycle of seedlings in winter.
By adding artificial light source, seedling breeding and light supplementation can reduce the influence of extreme weather and lack of light on seedling breeding in winter, ensure seedling growth, promote seedling robustness, shorten seedling breeding cycle, improve seedling resistance and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

2. Adopt full-spectrum special plant lamp to improve the success rate of succulent germination. Promotes robust and fleshy seedlings.

[effect of succulent growth]
1. Special spectral ratio, keeping bright color for multiple meats; Ensure the specific color of the meaty; Improve product quality.
2, through the supplement of light to inhibit succulent, ensure the product phase.


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